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David J. Glass, Ph.D., Representative Projects and Experience

EPA TSCA Biotechnology Program

Extensive experience with EPA’s biotechnology regulations under TSCA, dating back to the Agency’s interim policy in the late 1980s. Coordinated the drafting of seven Microbial Commercial Activity Notices (MCANs), assisted in the preparation of a Premanufacture Notice and a Low Volume Exemption modification. Assisted companies in compliance with the Tier 1 exemption and R&D exemption under the biotechnology rule. Facilitated agency interactions and advised companies on the impact of the biotechnology regulations on their activities. Specific projects have included.

Regulation of New Animal Feed Ingredients Renewable Fuel Regulations Other Regulatory Matters

 As Director of Regulatory Affairs at Joule Unlimited Technologies, Inc. (2011-2013)

 Prior Experience

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