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A Report
by Thomas Raphael and David J. Glass

Germany has the world's largest bioremediation market outside the United States, and
the 150-plus German bioremediation companies are poised to tackle the environmental problems in other European Union countries and the former socialist nations of Eastern Europe.

This report provides a detailed summary of the current situation for bioremediation
in this country. Focusing on the markets for bioremediation of contaminated soils, the report includes:

"Bioremediation in Germany" provides unique insights into the German and European markets, that are invaluable for any company contemplating a strategic alliance or acquisition to enter the European market, or planning to address the environmental problems of Eastern Europe. As bioremediation goes global, this report is "must" reading.

Thomas Raphael is president of Umweltberatung Dr. Raphael (Environmental Consulting), a consulting firm focusing on bioremediation technology and business transfer between the United States, Asia and Germany. Formerly marketing and development manager of HP-Biotechnologie in Witten, Germany, Dr. Raphael is the author of several papers and patents in the field of bioremediation. David J. Glass is president of D. Glass Associates, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in bioremediation market and technology assessments, regulatory affairs, and technology transfer. Dr. Glass is the author of several market reports and other articles on bioremediation, including "The Promising Worldwide Bioremediation Market", published by Decision Resources, Inc. in December 1993.

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