D. Glass Associates, Inc.

Services Offered for Non-Profit Disease Research Foundations

DGA is available to assist non-profit disease research foundations carry out venture philanthropy or other programs fostering translational research or academic-industry collaborations.  Making use of David Glass’s extensive experience with academic-industry relations and strategic patent management, there are several ways DGA can serve as resource for foundations to outsource portions of such programs.

Patents, Technology Transfer, and Academic-Industrial Relations

For any of the above functions, Dr. Glass can be available on an as-needed basis for specific projects, or we can commit to longer-term availability for specified functions, for an agreed-upon number of hours a week under a monthly retainer. Other arrangements can be considered as well.

Relevant Experience


David Glass has over 25 years experience with biotechnology intellectual property protection, having managed patent programs in academia and industry. Significant experience negotiating license, option, sponsored research agreements, and related agreements on behalf of Harvard-affiliated teaching hospitals and within the University of Massachusetts system. Dr. Glass was awarded the Certified Licensing Professional (CLP)TM certification in July 2008 and the Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP) certification in November 2013.

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