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Licensing, Tech Transfer, Patent Management
David J. Glass, Ph.D. Representative Experience

Licensing and Technology Transfer

Twenty years experience in academic technology transfer. Negotiated dozens of license and option agreements, dozens of sponsored research agreements, numerous other agreements with biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device and other companies. Awarded the Certified Licensing ProfessionalTM certification in July 2008 and the Registered Technology Transfer Professional Certification in November 2013. 

Ten years experience as associate director of the technology transfer office of Massachusetts General Hospital, with significant responsibilities for licensing a broad range of biomedical technologies.

Managed all licensing and industrial relations for McLean Hospital, an internationally known psychiatric hospital, and the Joslin Diabetes Center, both affiliated with Harvard Medical School. These responsibilities included preparation of invention descriptions, marketing of inventions to industry, and negotiating license agreements and other technology transfer agreements, working onsite at each institution on a part-time basis. Also assisted Baystate Medical Center and other academic medical centers with various technology transfer tasks. Recently served as a consultant to two campuses within the University of Massachusetts system, including an ongoing role managing tech transfer as the sole in-house professional at UMass Dartmouth. Currently serving as Interim Licensing Manager at Partners Healthcare Innovation, during an employee's extended leave.

Direct experience negotiating license, sponsored research, and other agreements with the University of Georgia, on behalf of Applied PhytoGenetics. Inc. Also advised several small biotechnology companies on academic relations (e.g., with their founding institutions).

Extensive international experience includes negotiations with, and liaison to, licensing partners in Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, Canada, and other countries.

Experience as a consultant in assisting North American, South American and European companies locate and contact potential international partners for environmental technologies.

Experienced in identifying potential licensees of academic biomedical technologies and liaison to corporate research sponsors and potential licensees.

Patent Management

Managed an academic patent portfolio of over 300 pending U.S. applications at Massachusetts General Hospital, including extensive liaison to numerous outside patent firms. Reviewed inventions (up to 150 per year) in molecular biology, medical devices and other fields, decided which to file for patent protection. Supervised the work of other professionals in patent management and licensing.

Managed intellectual property programs  for two Harvard Medical School-affiliated academic institutions, McLean Hospital and Joslin Diabetes Center, and for Baystate Medical Center and UMass Dartmouth.

Nine years of experience in industry managing intellectual property. Prepared or supervised preparation of over 50 U.S. patent applications, most with foreign counterparts, many of which resulted in issued U.S. and foreign patents. Assisted two corporate clients manage their patent portfolios.

Extensive experience supervising and guiding work of outside patent counsel; intimate familiarity with over a dozen law firms in Boston, Washington and elsewhere with biotechnology or medical device expertise.

Developed corporate policies for invention disclosures, notebook-keeping, trade secret protection, biological materials transfer and scientific publications.

Experience with patent office prosecutions and interferences, strategic analyses of competitor's patents, and infringement analyses.

Trained and supervised two Ph.D. biologists to be corporate patent liaisons, both of whom later passed the patent agent's exam and are now running patent programs at biotechnology firms. Supervised and trained three other individuals within an academic technology transfer setting.


Ph.D. in molecular biology, over 30 years experience in biotechnology, biomedicine and related fields.

Member, Licensing Executives Society, Association of University Technology Managers. Awarded the Certified Licensing Professional (CLPTM) certification in July 2008 and the Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP) certification in November 2013.

Co-founder, former president of Massachusetts Biotechnology Council; former member of the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council; other trade association activities.

Several presentations and workshops on technology transfer, intellectual property protection.

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